Department of Eagles - The Cold Nose CD



This release features four additional bonus tracks culled from the same sessions that produced the tracks on the original album.

Originally released in 2003 on Isota Records and originally titled The Whitey On The Moon UK LP (the title being an homage to the band's former name), the album sounded like nothing else at the time. No one had ever heard such distinctive, experimental, beat-driven montages laid next to such exquisitely structured pop songs before, all laced with playful and witty undercurrents. Imagine the Radiohead, Randy Newman, Underworld, and Ween accidentally booking the same studio time, maybe due to some clerical error, and you get the idea.

Daniel Rossen, who sings most of the Department of Eagles’ songs and plays most of the stringed instruments on the album, is currently one of the main songwriters and vocalists for the highly acclaimed Warp Records act Grizzly Bear. He and Fred released In Ear Park, the follow-up to their stellar debut, in 2008.

Track Listing
1. On Glaze        
2. Sailing By Night        
3. Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002        
4. The Piano In The Bathtub        
5. Romo-Goth        
6. Gravity's Greatest Victory/Rex Snorted Coke        
7. Origin Of Love        
8. Family Romance        
9. Forty Dollar Rug        
10. We Have To Respect Each Other        
11. The Curious Butterfly Realizes He Is Beautiful        
12. The Horse You Ride        
13. Ghost In Summer Clothes        
14. Dinner For Two (Bonus Track)        
15. Day School/Rooster (Bonus Track)        
16. Mining For Gold/Payoff (Bonus Track)        
17. Ghost In Summer Clothes [demo] (Bonus Track)