Matt Baldwin - Night in the Triangle LP + Digital



Night In The Triangle is the new double album by acclaimed guitarist Matt Baldwin, and his second release for American Dust. The project was conceived as a soundtrack for a science fiction film and is Matt’s first extended study for electric guitar and other non-acoustic instruments. Driven by a darker, rawer form of energy than that used in his acoustic work, Night In The Triangle aspires to trance and atmospherics.

Upon release in 2008, Matt Baldwin's debut album, Paths of Ignition, was anointed by Julian Cope as Album of the Month on his Head Heritage website. In his review, Cope predicted the evolution that is heard now on Night In The Triangle: "From the very first moment I dragged the vinyl out of its too-tight shrink-wrap cut-and-paste sub-sub-MIND GAMES cover, I knew Matt Baldwin’s take on his role as new Guitar God was gonna be way different to the approach of his acoustic-driven contemporaries. Hell, even the accompanying 24” x 12” poster that fell out with the record was a statement in itself, Matt standing there – all 6’ 4” of him – long-haired, open-mouthed, hands-on-hips, glowering and gormless as Ozzy’s ‘What The?’ pose on the inner gatefold of PARANOID. Sure, the iTunes on my iBook stated ‘Folk’ but the 12” vinyl – in every way – screamed out ‘ROCK!’"

In Matt's work, his role as interpreter is just as crucial as his role as originator. His bold 10-minute cover of Neu’s ‘Weissensee’ and his epic dobro-driven and feedback-overloaded version of Judas Priest’s ‘Winter’ from Paths of Ignition were game changers for a man that felt stifled by association with the solo-guitar purists. On Night in the Triangle, Matt once again expands on the visions of his forebears with daring treatments of songs by The Durutti Column and Conrad Schnitzler.

The visionary wildcard of today's solo guitar music scene, Matt continues to make music that is at once verdant and threatening, comforting yet unsettling. To quote Cope once again, "this so-called folkie Matt Baldwin druid is nothing less than a one-man Heavy Metal Band!...Brothers’n’sisters, it’s fucking heroic. These Great Fists of Matt make Ben Chasny sound like Marge Proops in comparison."

Matt Baldwin: The man who earnestly labels his music 'New Age' wants to lead you into one.